The Stoneleighs - Rolling Stones Tribute Band

The Stoneleighs Live at The Lonestar Roadhouse

Lonestar Roadhouse, 11277 E Northwest Hwy , Dallas, TX


The Stoneleighs return to the Lonestar Roadhouse over the Thanksgiving Holidays to share our thanks for a wonderful year. Come join us as we pay tribute to the best rock and roll band in the land, The Rolling Stones!


The Stoneleighs Live at Keys Lounge

Keys Lounge, 5677 Westcreek Dr, Fort Worth, TX


You can continue ringing in the New Year as the Stoneleighs return to the Key Lounge on Friday, January 2nd.


Welcome Mates!

The Stoneleighs are the premier Rolling Stones tribute band, recreating the famous rock and roll sound and energy of the greatest rock band in history!  Ahhh,'re sure to have a great time at a Stoneleighs gig!

Look for our "Fan Snaps" page, where if you want you can send photos of yourself with your tongue sticking out, a photo of the band or a photo of your buddies just hanging out. Before you hit your next Stoneleighs gig, let us know what your favorite Stones tune is and we'll look to work into the gig.  

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